Porcupine Hallow: About

Porcupine Hallow is a homegrown brand and online retailer based in Ohio. With designs from various designers, we aim to print and deliver high quality 3d printed toys and novelties.

Porcupine Hallow is led by is co-founders Alexander and Christina Hall, who formed the company in 2023. They have been a part of the tech and maker community for over 20 years. Their passion will be a part of every box of excitement delivered.

So how did the name Porcupine Hallow come to be? Alexander wanted a new name for a second character in the mega popular game, Pokemon Go, so he found a random name generator on the internet. After tweaking a few settings, he came across the name Brave Porcupine. Not to be outdone, Christina became the Fluffy Porcupine. Ever since, we have been a family of Porcupines. Even our five children have chosen a porcupine name. If you ever see a Brave or Fluffy Porcupine online somewhere, it is probably us! Reach out and say hello!